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Wooden Instruments for Kids

02.10.11 Wooden Instruments for Kids

wooden instruments for kids

A lot of families keep a basket full of instruments in their home. The basket, like a game shelf or a box of art supplies has the potential for loads of energy and great fun. Music is essential. We all know that listening to music is terrific for the health of our body, mind, mood and psyche. Our brains are stimulated by the rhythm and tone of music as well as the soothing effect it plays out, calming us when we are stressed and energizing us when we are low.

For kids, there are countless studies showing direct links to intelligence and the benefits that come along with exposure to music. Children tend to grasp various lessons and have increased concentration when music is involved (especially kids who have difficulty focusing their minds). Music is also the universal language and helps to connect us with other countries and cultures.

Whether children are singing, playing, or listening, kids are apt to listen and hear in new ways. Playing music also uses both sides of the brain and prepares kids for sequential learning, a very helpful tool for reading comprehension. Plato once said that music “is a more potent instrument than any other for education”.        

Here at MightyNest, we love listening to music. We're happy to introduce some new wooden instruments to our product line. The wooden big drum is just that: a satisfying and sizeable drum. Made with quality natural materials and non-toxic dyes, it plays like real drum. Kids can play it sitting down or walking around and the strap is easily adjustable. Both sides have drumheads so your kid can be in a marching band!

Another new instrument here is the wooden stir xylophone. Made in Sweden, this instrument makes a beautiful sound as the mallet makes its way around the wooden planks. Even young toddlers can join in and play this as they are learning to grasp tools and are strengthening their hand-eye coordination. Use it as a drum too!

What does your basket look like at home? Any unusual instruments or traditions? Please share in the comments below.

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