What It Means To GET REAL?

04.16.12 What It Means To GET REAL?


When you hear the phrase "get real", it usually implies that it's time to be honest, genuine, authentic. To be true. 

So what does it mean to "get real" at MightyNest? It means to use real, non-synthetic materials in your home. Real materials, made from the earth. Glass, wood, stainless steel, cotton, cast iron, essential oils from plants and natural oils are real materials and made from natural ingredients that are intrinsically safe. That's why we choose to use them and hunt for products to offer you whose core ingredients are real.

Real materials have several common sense benefits:

1) Real materials are void of the mystery that comes along with synthetic materials.  They are inherently safe and free of potentially concerning chemicals that are often found in synthetic materials like BPA, Teflon, PVC, and more.

2) Real materials are better for the planet all around.  Because they’re real, they don't take a serious toll on the planet to make or re-make. They reduce through their reusability (and they tend to last longer which is an extra benefit) and they tend to recycle more fully since all of their ingredients are natural and reusable.   

3) Real materials tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, add to the quality of your home and last longer than their synthetic counterparts. You can picture the cast iron skillet that's been passed from generation to generation.

For us, it all starts with avoiding the many pesky chemicals that are present in synthetic materials.  There are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals present in products on the market today and we produce a higher volume of them each year. Of those, less than 20% have been tested for their toxicity.

No one really knows exactly what the long-term consequences these chemicals will pose to our health. They are all around us so we can't entirely avoid them, but we can make the decision to reduce our exposure. That is what MightyNest is all about. We're here to empower you to do the same for your family.

This year's theme from the Earth Day Network is a "Billion Acts of Green." Our Earth Day tribute is to share what it means to get real. We've highlighted 4 ways for you and your family to join us in getting real. What's your act?

Choosing real materials will also help to support the other 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). How? Real materials help us to reduce the stuff we have because they typically last longer than synthetic materials. We are also able to safely reuse real materials because they are durable and made to last, sometimes for generations! And we can ultimately recycle real materials with far less impact on our planet in comparison to the environmental and financial costs of their synthetic counterparts! That's a triple win!

That's how we keep it real at MightyNest. 

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