Best Water Bottles for Kids at School

07.19.13 Best Water Bottles for Kids at School


While there are so many water bottles sold on the market, it's difficult to decipher which ones would best suit your kid's needs. First and foremost is choosing a bottle that is free from toxins like BPA and other chemicals found in cheap water bottles. And just as important is using a practical and durable reusable water bottle, made to last and able to be recycled. The harm that comes from drinking from a plastic (polycarbonate) bottle or an aluminum bottle lined with an epoxy resin is that both contain BPA and measurable amounts of the chemical can leach into the water, especially when plastic is heated by the sun or worn out and scratched. 

We pack water bottles for our kids for a variety reasons. In order to cut down on waste and save money, packing a reusable bottle in the lunchbox is neccesary. During the day, research indicates that hydrating often and throughout the day helps children stay focused and become better learners. So, a desk water bottle is essential. And many kids play after-school sports or experience an afternoon of rigorous dancing or music lessons where a water bottle is a must.

We hear from many parents about what's most important to them while choosing water bottles for their kids. Of course, this is in addition to the bottle already tested for being SAFE and free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. The most popular features:

  • leakproof
  • insulated
  • straw-top or sport-top
  • 18/8 grade stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe 

BOTTLES FOR THE LUNCHBOX: Compact, leakproof and lightweight are essential features for a water bottle packed in a lunchbox. Using a reusable bottle is a sustainable alternative to single-serve, disposable bottles and juice boxes. 

BOTTLES FOR THE DESK: Kids need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Having an easy-to-use bottle that doesn't require unscrewing the cap and screwing it back on for every drink (and subsequently disrupting class) will certainly be appreciated by your child's teacher. A stable and (relatively) spill-free bottle will also be an added bonus to the classroom culture. And, for some kids who delight in drinking cold water, an insulated water bottle will surely make a difference in the quality of their school day.










BOTTLES FOR AFTER-SCHOOL SPORTS: Stainless steel bottles are a favorite among budding athletes. Built to endure a lot of roughing up, the durable nature of stainless steel makes this a great choice for outdoor and rugged use. Stainless steel favorites are both lightweight/single wall AND insulated/double wall. The sleek insulated bottles deliver an ice-cold drink during practice and the convenient sport-top bottles provide a quick and easy drink. All have wide-mouth openings for easy filling.














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What are your preferences when choosing a water bottle?

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