Swapping Plastic Baggies for Reusable Sandwich Wraps

09.05.12 Swapping Plastic Baggies for Reusable Sandwich Wraps

If you've thought about the cumulative waste from just one very common product (the ZIPLOC plastic baggie), you may have considered a better solution. And no, it's not purchasing a plastic baggie drying rack that takes up loads of space on your counter and leaves you with a tree of murky halfway-clean plastic bags. The solution is easy and luckily only requires making a simple change: start using a durable, washable and food-safe reusable sandwich bag.

But let's be honest...maybe you're thinking, "Oh no, yet another thing to clean!" or "Will it really protect and keep a sandwich fresh?" or "Won't it just be thrown out at lunchtime?" Or maybe, you're even wondering about the longevity, practicality and price compared to a disposable, cheap, plastic baggie.

First off; yes, it is easier to throw away a plastic baggie (or three) everyday when your unpacking your child's lunchbox. If this has been part of your lunch packing routine for several years, than yes, it is a slight adjustment. To ease your mind; cleaning these is easy- just flip them inside out and wash either in the dishwasher, the washing machine or just a quick rinse under the sink faucet for a light clean.

Secondly, the materials used are practical, durable and safe for food. There is no risk that harmful chemicals will leach into your packed food through these bags.

And, as for the risk of losing these sandwich bags to the trashcan, there are a few ways to prevent this. Writing your child's name on the nameplate (lunchskins) or even on the outside is an easy start. But most importantly, explaining to your child that this bag is REUSABLE and meant to be put back into the lunchbox, even if there is leftover food inside. This inevitably helps to start healthy habits surrounding product waste as well.

Now, since we have several different styles, here's a breakdown to help select one that fits your needs. The fabric pattern choices are yet another personal choice, but that's usually left up to the kids.


Snack taxi is a pouch style sandwich bag. This is the best style for packing a traditional "bag style" sandwich or side of chips. There are 2 sizes: snack and sandwich. The interior is lined with a food safe nylon material which can be easily cleaned. The outside material is cotton with a variety of different graphic patterns, along with a velcro strip for easy closure. Made in the US. Click here to see all of our Snack taxi patterns. 

SEMILLA WRAPS: The Semilla wraps are made with organic cotton on the outside and nylon on the inside. What stands these apart from other reusable bags is that they double as a 13" round placemat once they've been opened up. Now, this dual purpose is certainly a perk for some, it's also good to note that this particular wrap is best suited for sandwiches, even the messy ones, rather than a pile of crunchy snacks. Also made in the US and easy to clean and close with velcro tabs. Click here to see all of our Semilla wrap designs. 

LUNCHSKINS: Also made in the pouch style, LunchSkins differ in that they're made from a lightweight, quick-drying food-safe material--the same one used in bakeries for pastry bags. LunchSkins are also grease-proof and moisture proof making them ideal for messy sandwiches and snacks. There is a convenient place to write your child's name on the nameplate. Click here to see all of the LunchSkins patterns.

ECO DITTY: If you prefer a sandwich bag that is made entirely from organic cotton, inside and out, the Eco Ditty reusable bag is the best choice. The outer fabric is printed with low-impact dyes and the inside is made from an un-dyed organic cotton liner. A velcro tab keeps this bag closed and to clean, either handwash or machine wash. Click here to see all of Eco-ditty's patterns.

4 different functional styles and many fabulous patterns to choose. All 4 of the styles are made by inspired parents (here in the US) who wanted to make a difference in the amount of waste produced by disposable plastic bags. All are made with durable and safe materials free of BPA, lead and phthalates. 

Which style do you prefer?

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