Wise up on Water Bottles

08.21.09 Wise up on Water Bottles

stainless steel water bottle

Many of us water drinkers were left with a bad taste in our mouth when the news about “Toxic Water Bottles” started hitting the newsstands. We thought we were doing something good for our health by staying hydrated, but it turns out we might have been getting bottlefuls of the endocrine-disrupting chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) from polycarbonate (hard reusable plastic) water bottles. Much of what is disturbing about BPA is that they found it leached out of plastic bottles and into the food or water inside it from routine use: like dishwashing, mild heating, or even age. BPA mimics the hormone estrogen and may interfere with ovulation, reproduction, and brain-cell development. The good news is that there are many great alternatives now to reusable water bottles without BPA and phthalates. The best of these are non-plastic alternatives that are safe and stylish!


• Look for stainless steel or glass water bottles that are safe and durable.

• Avoid buying bottled water as these plastics tend to be porous (and thus spread germs with reuse and can release phthalates) and bottle water doesn’t meet as rigorous of standards as most tap water.

• Prioritize reducing your exposure to Polycarbonate water bottles (often labeled with a #7).

  • Do not re-use disposable water bottles.  These are made from #1 plastic that is designed for single-use and breaks down with continued use.

At MightyNest we have enjoyed raising our glasses (and bottles) to find the safest, most durable, and stylish drinking options for you. Click here to check them out!

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