Stainless Cup by Sanctus Mundo

Eco-Novice's Top Ten Reasons Sanctus Mundo 8 oz. Stainless Steel Cup is the Perfect Child's Cup

  1. It's not plastic.
  2. It's unbreakable.
  3. It's dishwasher safe.
  4. It's the perfect diameter. I like the diameter of this cup much better than our IKEA cups actually. My 4-year-old can easily hold it with one hand. I always thought the IKEA ones were too fat. 8 oz. is the perfect size for a child's cup too, in my opinion.
  5. It's the perfect weight. One of the great things about stainless steel is that it doesn't tip over at the drop of a hat like plastic does.
  6. It has the perfect rim. As I mentioned above, it's hard to find a stainless steel cup with a user-friendly rim. Some rims curl and trap water, others are sharp enough to hurt your lip. Sanctus Mundo's cup has a tapered rim, which avoids a sharp edge without using a curled lip. Well done, Sanctus Mundo.
  7. It keeps cold liquids cold. Perfect for milk.
  8. It will probably last forever. My poor IKEA plastic cups are already looking rather worn after a few years of use, and I was planning to replace them soon. One of the many problems with plastic is that as it ages, it degrades, and becomes more likely to leach harmful chemicals into your food, and thus should really be replaced fairly regularly. (Putting your plastic through the dishwasher accelerates this degradation.) So, really, the stainless steel cups aren't so much more expensive after all, when you consider a lifetime of use. Once my kids have outgrown the need for unbreakable cups, these stainless steel cups will still be wonderful for daily use as well as camping, picnics, and backyard barbecues.
  9. Mom and Dad like it too. Although I almost always use tempered glass for drinking, my husband mostly uses the kids' cups, so it's great he likes the cup too. I also like that the cup is aesthetically pleasing. Not a top concern for me, but a bonus I can appreciate.
  10. You can purchase these cups (and numerous other safe, non-toxic products) from MightyNest

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