Branch Basics

Branch Basics is rooted in personal experiences and stemmed out of the passion of three women. Nearly 25 years ago, Marilee Nelson was dedicated and willing to do whatever it took to help her son, then ten years old, recover from a severe chemical exposure. She refused to accept the bleak medical prognosis that he would not recover and began to explore alternative options that focused on creating healing environments and using food as medicine. Through her son's long road to recovery she gained experiential wisdom and knowledge far beyond the four walls of a classroom or the pages in a textbook. It did not take long for others to seek out Marilee for their own health concerns, and in 1992 she began consulting full-time and established The House Doctors.

In 2007 her niece, Allison, called desperately seeking relief from chronic pain that over a dozen doctors could not explain. Marilee linked Allison’s physical breakdown to several factors – the main one being chemical exposure to new building materials when she moved into a newly-constructed apartment. Allison’s best friend and roommate, Kelly, was there to soak up the priceless information Marilee had to offer. Soon, a special bond between the three women formed and only grew stronger as the two college graduates moved out to the Texas Hill Country to live with Marilee for a summer. After realizing the extent of her knowledge, Allison and Kelly were determined to find a way to share it with the rest of the world. Thus, they created Three Branches Healthy Living, a website that provided a plethora of health information as well as sold the highest quality products for creating both a healthy home and body.

Among those products was a non-toxic soap formula that Marilee, Allison and Kelly produced and branded as Branch Basics after working with a bio-chemist to get the best formula. After many hours of mixing, bottling, labeling and shipping, it became a huge hit and eventually became hard not to play favorites. They believe that switching to Branch Basics is the easiest and perhaps most important step toward reducing daily chemical exposures. Using just this one versatile product would enable or people to get rid of dozens of potentially toxic products, reducing daily harmful chemical exposures from the elimination of conventional cleaners, personal care products, pesticides and more.

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