Tortilla Warmer

What Makes it Mighty?

  • safely warms and serve tortillas
  • lead-free glaze

Tortilla warmers are the best way to serve and keep tortillas warm. Heated in the oven or microwave, wam tortillas are soft and pliable and have a more mellow tate. RSVP's lead-free glazed stoneware tortilla warmer is not only ideal for warming torillas, but also attractive for serving at the table. Microwave-safe and oven safe up to 350°F/ 176°C.  Holds tortillas up to 8" in diameter.

To use: Separate tortillas. Place in tortilla warmer and cover. You can microwave your tortillas or heat them in the oven. Flour tortillas heat quicker than corn. If microwaving: start time at 15 seconds for up to 4 flour tortillas and increase time as needed. When tortillas are hot, heep the lid on until ready to eat. 

Made in China

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