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  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Made from aromatic essence of plants
  • Safe and natural healing

No synthetic fragrances here, just pure organic essential oils in a jojoba oil base. These moisturizing, aromatherapy perfumes are never overpowering, just empowering: because you chose the safe, organic alternative to heavy, chemical-laden fragrances with mystery ingredients. And with our roll-on applicator you can enjoy your favorite scent all day and night!

WORK roll-on perfume is made with organic jojoba oil and the essential oils of marjoram, bergamot, peppermint lemon geranium and clary sage.

  • Safe, organic perfume with a convenient roll-on applicator. 
  • Enjoy organic aromatherapy, avoid synthetic fragrances. 
  • Made with moisturizing jojoba oil, it also makes a great cuticle oil.

For Perfume: apply to wrists and neck

For Aromatherapy: apply to temples and behind ears

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