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  • bpa-free, Lead-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free
  • made of glass, natural rubber and stainless steel
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Canning Jars (6 sizes available) by Weck SKU: canningjars

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Weck canning jars are made of thick glass to withstand boiling and sterilization. Glass lids are immune to rusting and can be used to process again and again. Since the lids are made of glass (as opposed to aluminum) there is no BPA coating that is found on metal canning jar lids. The replaceable natural rubber rings, when facing downward indicate clearly that the seal on the jars are intact. Each canning jar contains 1 glass lid, 1 natural rubber ring and 2 stainless steel clamps.

Weck Canning jars are ideal for canning vegetables, fruits, pickles, jellys and much more.

79 ml (mini) Weck Canning Jar Set (shown in second photo):

  • Includes: 12 Jars, 12 glass lids, 12 rings & 24 clamps
  • Height: 2 1/8" Opening: 2 3/8" Volume: 2.7 fl oz.

160 ml (mini) Weck Canning Jar Set:

  • Includes: 12 Jars, 12 glass lids, 12 rings & 24 clamps
  • Height: 3 1/8" Opening: 2 3/8" Volume: 5.4 fl oz.

1/5 Liter Weck Canning Jar Set:

  • 6 Jars, 6 glass lids, 6 rings & 12 clamps
  • Height: 2 1/8" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 9.8 fl oz.

1/4 Liter Weck Canning Jar Set:

  • 6 Jars, 6 glass lids, 6 rings & 12 clamps
  • Height: 2 5/8" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 12.5 fl oz.
1/2 Liter Weck Canning Jar Set:
  • 6 Jars, 6 glass lids, 6 rings & 12 clamps
  • Height: 4 1/8" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 19.6 fl oz.
3/4 Liter Weck Canning Jar Set:
  • 6 Jars, 6 glass lids, 6 rings & 12 clamps
  • Height: 5 3/4" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 28.7 fl oz.
Benefits of Weck Glass Canning Jars:
  • Wide easy to fill jars
  • Glass lids that will not rust
  • Seals that are easy to check at a glance
  • Easy open jars (no can opener needed)
  • Easy stack jars for convenient, space saving storage
  • Wide openings making for easy cleanup
  • Glass is microwave safe, dishwasher safe
  • Attractive, fun, decorative shapes nice enough for table use

Made in Germany

See our home canning instructions for more information
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Review by Anonymous on 12/31

I love these Weck jars! Most beautiful jars around. I filled a few with gourmet salts for a Christmas gift for my mom (himalayan, black lava, citrus, black truffle), and packaged them in an antique box wih a few tiny spoons and wrapped the whole thing in two kitchen towels. She loved it! :)

Review by Anonymous on 11/1

I ordered 2 sizes to use for freezing pesto and chimmichuri from my garden. These jars are beautiful! I won't be sending leftovers home with my guests in these jars.....I haven't tried canning anything in them yet - I'm going to use the juice jars for bottling fruit syrup.

Review by Cheryl on 6/1

I love these jars from Germany. I display them on my open pantry from Restoration Hardware. I love using them for display and food storage. Even in my frig, filled with berries, they look beautiful. Plus, I hate using plastics.

Very fast shipping, very happy.

Review by Stephanie T on 3/26

Until there is another, equally as amazing product on the market, Weck jars are the only jars I'll can with. Chemical free all the way!

Review by joshua.p.thomas on 5/16

Excellent canning jars. We will order a second set.

Review by denise petro on 1/23

great for storing leftovers. would rather use glass products than plastic.
will order more sizes and would like to order baby products too.

Review by Becky Meikle on 12/29

Love these!!!!! Not only are they cute, they worked like a charm. Will be ordering more as well as different sizes, can't wait!

Review by Sarabee on 12/27

Beautiful. Used it for rhubarb cordial holiday gifts. Did not leak & looked fantastic.

I love these jars.

Review by CCF on 10/20

Perfect for storing bulk foods (beans, nuts, flours) in my cabinet, instead of in baggies or plastic. Lids are easy to clean and secure. Plan to get a few more sizes!

Review by D. Viera on 9/26

The jars are wonderful & especially attractive. They arrived promptly. I couldn't have been happier with my purchase.

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About Weck

At the beginning of the last century, the J. WECK Company was founded in Oflingen Germany, at this time they developed and introduced the home-canning method for glass jars. Since then, WECK has made this method popular not only in Germany and Europe, but worldwide.

WECK is continually working in the field of home canning research. Specializing in all problems and questions concerning home canning, WECK has continuously developed and improved home-canning methods with the aid of its long experience as well as the constant ideas and innovations of the canning experts at WECK.

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