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Deep Rounded Glass Casserole w/Glass Lid by Simax SKU: 6706/6716

Price: $14.95
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The Deep Rounded Casserole dish makes it easy to bake and serve in the same dish. The lid fits snuggly to retain moisture and heat for slow roasting.

  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass can be used in the over, microwave and refrigerator
  • Perfect for use as a serving dish
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Cadmium and lead free
  • Capacity: 2.8 Liters

Warning: Wash before using for the first time. When the pan is hot, do not put it on cold or wet surfaces. DO not use on a kitchen stove. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Do not pour cold liquids into pan when it is hot. 

Made in the EU

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About Simax

Simax is manufactured by Kavalier, a company that has been the leading European producer of borosilicate glass for more than 175 years. By its chemical composition and properties Simax glass ranks among the types of glass of the group of "clear hard borosilicate glass 3.3", which excel in a high heat and chemical resistance and which are defined by international ČSN ISO 3585 Standard. It complies to the full with the properties prescribed by these standards.

Simax glass is very much environmentally-friendly and in terms of environmental protection it is absolutely faultless.

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