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Nursin' Smart Silicone Straw Cup by Innobaby SKU: NS-SSC-02

Price: $27.95
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Innobaby’s Nursin’ SMART Grow-with-Me Silicone Nursing System was developed by a group of pediatric specialists in 2004 has been time tested over the years. It is made with the highest quality medical grade silicone, imported from Germany, and carefully manufactured in South Korea to provide an ultimate supplementary feeding solution to all feeding challenges faced from infant to toddler years. Safe, natural, and flexible, Nursin’ SMART Grow-with-Me Silicone Nursing System is a SMART alternative to glass or plastic bottles.

9 oz Silicone Straw Cup includes:

  • 1 - 9 oz Training Straw Cup with Blue Cap
  • 1 - Straw and Tube cleaning bristle
  • 1 - bottle handle 1 - extra straw/tube set

BPA free and PVC free

Dishwasher Safe

Manufactured in South Korea

Responds to Weaning Challenges:
Transitioning from Nursin’ SMART natural nurser to the straw cup may allow weaning period easier for both mom and baby as the same soft bottle is transitioned in to a straw cup
Parents may squeeze the bottle to help babies get used to the idea drinking from a cup.
When used correctly, the silicone straw cup can be also used as a tube feeder.
All silicone straw and tubes are made with medical-grade silicone that will endure chewing and biting.
Patented inner valve controls the follow of liquid, allowing the flow to be adjusted to the comfort of your baby or toddler.
Increase emotional IQ with soft silicone bottle that resembles skin-to-skin contact during feeding.
Recommended for 10 months +

Why Use Straw Cup vs. Sippy Cup?
Sippy cups with valve is designed to be leak proof but it is not made as an ideal tool for training babies learn how to drink from a cup.
Often times, sippy cups requires intense sucking motion to release liquid which may lead into several problems.
Speech therapists argue that prolong exposure to a sippy cup may affect babies oral development, interfering their speech skills.
Pediatric dentists recommend straw cup vs. sippy cup as less drinking from a straw cup allows the liquid to bypass the teeth when drinking, reducing tooth decay.
Some breast fed babies may face confusion after drinking from a sippy cup as it requires strong sucking motion from babies, causing babies to latch on a little differently.

Highest Quality Material
100% pure medical grade silicone / LSR (liquid silicone rubber)
All silicone parts are free of all petroleum based chemicals
Nonporous material does not harbor bacteria
Silicone parts will not deform even with extended use & sterilization
Bisphenol-A free, phthalates free, pvc free, lead free

Economical Choice
Grow-with-Me system allows for extended use through toddler years
Single bottle with multiple uses
Moms can reuse bottle system for every child

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Established in 2006, Innobaby is dedicated in bringing innovative solutions for today’s busy parents. Founded by two moms with a mission to deliver high quality smart juvenile solutions that can benefit mom and baby (and dads too!).

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