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Kinderville: Makers of Innovative Kids Dishware

04.23.12 Kinderville: Makers of Innovative Kids Dishware

kinderville silicone dishes

Kinderville was born out of frustration. As parents of young children, the founders of Kinderville were amazed that it was so difficult to find safe, non-toxic products for their kids to use while eating. They were equally amazed at the abundance of plastic choices. So, they set out with a very ambitious goal: create high quality and completely non-toxic and safe products for kids to use. And luckily, for all of us, they achieved this goal. 

Kinderville makes food-grade silicone dishware, cups, storage jars, popsicle molds and freezer trays. The cups and storage jars are available in 2 sizes: Little Bites and Bigger Bites for growing kids. Most importantly, these silicone products are free of BPA (found in many plastic products),PVC, phthalates and other toxic chemicals that are harmful to the health of children. All of the silicone products are also safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

  • Little Bites/Bigger Bites Storage jars: The frictional stickiness of silicone-on-silicone provides a leak-proof lid and an amazingly easy removal of the lid from its form-fitted lip. Both sizes are great for snack storage, re-heating leftovers or packing lunches.
  • Little Bites cups: Highly convenient when your toddler is ready to drink from a cup and can actually hold one of these on their own.
  • Bigger Bites cups:  The slightly textured surface on both sizes also provides assistance for little hands to grip securely. 
  • The silicone bowls and cups are also designed with wide bases (to lessen the inevitable spill) and with the ability to stack, economizing cupboard space.
  • Bigger Bites divided plates: Many kids appreciate having their food separated or "not touching". The 3 sectioned plates are a terrific solution to their request.
  • Ice pop molds: With warmer months approaching, we look forward to making healthy popsicles with our kids in the; Fill with fresh ingredients and freeze. The tapered design allows the popsicle to be pushed to the top, while the fluted rim helps retain the liquid in the mold and off potentially sticky hands.
  • Little Bites Freezer Trays: A practical way to store and freeze baby foods. These also stack for easy and secure storage in the freezer. Simply pop out a serving, warm and serve!



Recently added to the Kinderville line are these thoughtfully designed silicone bibs. Consistent with all of Kinderville's products, they are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free. The set of 2 kinderville silicone bibs are naturally bacteria resistant and dishwasher safe. The bibs feature an adjustable neck strap and contoured sides, which makes it easy for little arms to get to their food. The snap-n-catch pouch will trap falling food and unsnaps quickly for easy clean-up. 

Kinderville uses food grade silicone. Read more about why they use this material: Is Silicone Dishware Safe?

Do you use silicone dishware at home?

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