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Wean Green Glass Containers

08.01.13 Wean Green Glass Containers

wean glass containers

Wean Green, a Canadian company, started when founder Melissa couldn't find any small, eco-friendly glass storage options for all of her homemade baby food. 

So, she decided to make them herself.

Just like MightyNest, Wean Green has expanded their product line for all members of the family, not only kids. Wean Green's beloved glass containers made for perfect baby food storage and luckily, they are now available in larger sizes for kid and adult lunches plus they double as ideal leftover food storage (convenient clear glass = able to see exactly what is stored in the fridge).

Made of durable tempered glass with a silicone-sealed lid (and yes, you can pull out the silicone coil to keep this part clean), these containers are BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free which are qualities we expect from safe food storage. The leakproof lids make for easy and mess-free transport. Snap the lids off and you already have a serving bowl (or square), unlike a tomato-stained, scratched-up piece of plastic tupperware. And unlike other flimsy varieties, these lids are extremely sturdy and not frustratingly awkward to snap on. 

And if you drop the container? Although it's not a competition to break these, they are TOUGH. HARDY. SOLID. And if you did manage to break one, it wouldn't break into harsh shards of glass but rather into a pile of little pebbles. 

Why we love Wean Green:

  • Impermeable and non-porous - no chemicals leaching into your food.
  • 5x times stronger than conventional glass, very difficult to break.
  • Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, Microwave safe.
  • Created from 100% recyclable and sustainable glass
  • "Eco-chic designs that make it possible for parents to choose environmental products without sacrificing style."
The Cubes
Made in 4 sizes - 4 oz wean cubes (baby food), 7 oz snack cubes, 16.5 oz lunch cubes, and 31 oz meal cubes.
The Bowls + Tubs
Also made in multiple sizes starting with the 5 oz Wean Tub (perfect for cut veggies), 6 oz snack bowls, 13 oz lunch bowls, and 24 oz meal bowls.

For more ideas using Wean Green Glass storage, check out our GLASS FOOD STORAGE board on Pinterest!


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