Square bowls with lids in 6 sizes

What Makes it Mighty?

  • made from tempered glass
  • bpa-free, Lead-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free
  • safe food storage
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Lys Square Glass Food Storage Bowl (6 sizes) by Duralex SKU: DXStorage

Price: $6.49
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The Duralex square glass food storage bowls are made of tempered glass, which is amazingly durable and safe, is 2.5 times stronger than standard glass and is very shock-resistant. In instances where the Duralex glass breaks, it breaks into small chunks, lessening the possibility of cuts.   They have BPA-free plastic lids and are made in France.

These glass food storage bowls are completely free of lead and BPA and, because they are made of glass, you don't have to be concerned with other chemical leaching.  They are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and can withstand temperatures from 4 degrees to 212 degrees.

All sizes available individually. Set of 5 does not include the 109 ounce bowl.

Available in the following sizes (measurement is from bottom of container):

  • 5.375 ounces - 2.5 inches with a .67 cup capacity
  • 10 ounces - 3.25 inches with a 1.25 cup capacity
  • 20 ounces - 4 inches with a 2.5 cup capacity
  • 36 ounces - 5 inches with a 4.5 cup capacity
  • 68 ounces - 6 inches with a 8.5 cup capacity
  • Set of 5 includes one of each of the above sizes
  • 109 ounces -9 inches with a 13.5 cup capacity (this size sold separately from the set of 5)
Made in France
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Review by Anonymous on 5/19

These are the best storage containers ever, as they are glass, and stack amazingly into a small stack. I have three sets, and it takes up less room than my one set of Rubbermaid. I am buying more, and plan to give the sets as Christmas gifts.

Review by Anonymous on 5/5

I really wanted to love these and they are indeed beautiful and stack/nest nicely. However, they are not even remotely leak-proof. Even the tiniest one, although sealed tightly, leaked liquid when turned on its side. I was looking for something that could go from freezer to my lunch bag to the oven, to the dishwasher and unfortunately, these don't fit the bill. if you will not be transporting these, then they will probably work just fine for you. If you anticipate ever turning one to its side (to store in a tight fridge), look elsewhere!

Review by Anonymous on 2/24

I can't say enough good things about these storage bowls. They stack nicely and because of the square shape they store a lot easier (take up less space). I love all the different sizes as well. The lids seem sturdy enough. I'm always concerned about splitting on the lid lip as my Pyrex lids do, but after a few months, this has not happened. I wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher and have no problems so far.
The only thing I wonder/worry about is if the lightness of them will strong enough to prevent chips. So far so good. And I love the fact that the lids are BPA FREE!

Review by Anonymous on 1/31

I love these glass storage containers. I keep adding to my collection. Versatile, stack nicely, easy to clean, great variety of sizes. They are not thick like pyrex but are not really thin either, just right and I like that. They are durable. And I love ordering and working with MightyNest!

Review by ebright on 5/24

The glass is thinner than I thought it would be for the price. Plus the lid is thin and does not create a good seal. It will probably warp with time and not create a fit. I do like that the glass does not easily shatter and that it is microwavable.

Review by Jason Karl on 5/1

Just wanted to leave a note here that although I love the Duralex bowls that I've had for years, the biggest bowl in this set exploded when we tried to transfer hot food into it from a crockpot. One of the other bowls in the set had a chip in it when we received it. I would recommend that you inspect your glass bowls carefully for flaws before you trust them to hot liquids.

Mighty Nest couldn't have been more helpful and offered a prompt refund. They also said that they've had a number of quality control issues with Duralex lately. Hopefully this is an isolated incident and we can go back to depending on Duralex to deliver the quality that we've grown to expect from them.

Review by Mas on 3/26

Stubborn odors can cling for quite a while, and they will effect aytnhing else you put in the container. What I generally do is rub baking soda on to the bottom and side of the container, let it set for a minute or three, then spray with full strength white vinegar (I keep a spray bottle full of white vinegar, its great for a lot of things). Let the baking soda/vinegar mix do its scrubbing-bubbles thing, then rewash. Once the containers are complete dry give them a sniff. If needed, repeat the process.

Review by babyfoodmaker on 8/22

I'm going back for my 3rd purchase of more of these containers. I have them in all sizes and use them all the time, mostly for baby food storage. They are not leakproof, but do a great job of going from freezer to microwave to dishwasher. I use removable labels from an office supply store to label the baby food, and the labels come right off. They stack great, so you can have one big stack of all the sizes together. I would give them 5 stars if they didn't leak, but it's not much of a problem the way I usually use them. Most of the truly leakproof glass storage containers I have seen don't stack, so it's a compromise.

Review by Wendy N. on 5/24

Nice bowls but a little bit smaller than I thought, because they are angled inwards at the base. So the top is wider but I needed it to be the size it said at the bottom.

Review by Becky on 5/23

I spent a lot of time looking for glass food storage containers, and these are perfect! I needed food storage that nested well for storage, something that most glass containers don't do very well. These bowls are tapered enough to allow nesting, while being broad enough at the base to allow for easy mixing or eating. They also stack nicely with the lids on. Additionally, the lids are very tight and don't leak, even when the bowls are turned sideways in a lunch bag.
I'll be back for more!

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