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Organic Nursing Pillow - Paloma by Blessed Nest SKU: BL-Paloma

Price: $94.00
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This organic cotton Nesting Pillow is lovingly handmade in America using GOTS certified organic materials.  The Paloma pattern is a chocolate brown.

The pillows are filled with organic buckwheat hulls enclosed in an interior case made of 100% organic cotton canvas and can be spot cleaned and thrown in the dryer for about 15 minutes to keep it sanitized and free of dust mites. The organic cotton slipcover is really easy to take off and get back on, so you can wash it with your regular laundry as often as you need to. This nursing pillow DOES NOT contain any chemical flame retardants.

Most nursing pillows provide a surface for you to place your baby on top of while breastfeeding, and then you have to hold your baby in place so you don't lose that precious latch! What makes this Nursing Pillow different is that the filling allows you to get your baby into the proper position, and then it conforms to baby's body and its weight helps it to stay put. The miracle of buckwheat hulls is that they move around like a bean-bag and then interlock together like puzzle pieces, giving stable support whatever size, shape or position you are in (and where you're sitting!) Dimensions: 26" wide, 16" deep and 5" high.

*all of our fabrics are certified organic by the very stringent GOTS (global organic textile standards)

Made in the USA

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Review by Anonymous on 12/17

The cover washes beautifully and it offers a lot of support that can be adjusted easily. There wasn't any odor when it arrived and was opened. My order also came with an additional travel pillow that was unexpected but much appreciated! This may have been a kind gesture because the company called to tell me that they were out of the particular pattern I had ordered but then responded that they had received more quicker than expected. Overall, a great first experience with Mighty Nest!

Review by Anonymous on 11/3

We are really happy with the quality and function of this pillow. It's softer than I anticipated, but the pillow provides excellent support, too. Very glad we purchased!

Review by Anonymous on 8/27

I used a Boppy pillow for my first born a couple of years ago and was never thrilled with the shape or the fit of it. I often just used a regular bed pillow instead when I nursed my son. After realizing that the Boppy, as with most other foam baby items in the US, is probably filled with fire retardants (yes, I know Boppy states they do not "add" any fire retardant chemicals to their pillow, I am skeptical of their wording as it pertains to the foam that is used to construct the pillow.) After reading reviews of the Blessed Nest pillow, I went ahead and ordered it and have no regrets, even though the cost seemed a bit steep for a pillow. There was no nasty odor or off-gassing out of the packaging and the pillow appears to be very well hand crafted. I love the fact that I can shape the pillow however I want by simply shaking the buckwheat around. Someone in a previous review felt there was not enough filling and the pillow was too floppy, but I haven't experienced that with mine (perhaps they've started adding more?)The fabric cover is also organic and very nice. Since I am still currently pregnant, I have yet to try it out for nursing, but feel pretty confident it will be a much more comfortable fit than the Boppy. I now use it as a body pillow at night and it has replaced my previous (much larger, yet much less comfortable) foam body pillow. It molds to the body so well without taking up half the bed and has dramatically improved the quality of my not-so-great very pregnant sleep. That alone makes the pillow worth every penny!

Review by Anne-Marie on 4/29

Looks and feels fabulous. The fabric is just what I want my baby on, but he/she is not here just yet, so I cannot review on breastfeeding use. I have used it to sit and sleep with and it is very moldable and comfortable. I was recommended this product from a doula and lactation specialist.

Review by mmeriche on 3/31

Worth every penny! This nursing pillow is outstanding. It allows you to form it to the shape of your baby, providing support where you need it. It is so comfortable to have in my lap. I like that it doesn't contain harmful materials; nearly every other nursing pillow I was considering had harmful agents in them. When my baby is older, this will be a great pillow for lounging around, travel, etc.. perfect for taking naps on the couch! The cover washes well, and I love that you can toss the inner in the dryer for 15 minutes to sanitize! Definitely recommend.

About Blessed Nest

Blessed Nest is a company that was founded in friendship, love and motherhood. The founder's friend was so determined to breastfeed, but the combination of a very active and wiggly baby, a painful cesarean incision and feeling as if her own body was working against her, she just couldn't find the physical support she needed. The thing other pillows had in common was that they just made her feel awkward and frustrated rather than the confident, nurturing mom we both knew she was.

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