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Cooking From the Nourished Kitchen Cookbook

04.23.14 Cooking From the Nourished Kitchen Cookbook

nourished kitchen cookbook

Last week, the long awaited cookbook: The Nourished Kitchen~Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle was released. We wasted no time putting this gem of a cookbook to good use and made a weekend meal from the more than 160 recipes "inspired by the seaons, land and waters" that surround author and food educator Jenny McGruther. This cookbook (and the wonderful website The Nourished Kitchen) focus on 'traditional foods' and emphasize eating "nutrient-dense, real food over the the convenience of processed, additive-laden products that are the norm on grocery store shelves."

We had a blast deciding what to make first: Homemade kefir? Kohlrabi, apple and pomegranate slaw? Roasted beet and walnut salad with spiced kombucha vinaigrette? We really couldn't go wrong and chose to cook up the pan-seared halibut with melted cherry tomatoes and tarragon. Plus we made an out-of-this-world blueberry dessert.

First off was preparing the ghee (clarified butter) which was surprisingly simple, satisfying and well worth the step. 

We cooked the cherry tomatoes in sauteed shallots and ghee in a big Lodge cast iron skillet, until they were warm and 'melted-looking' and replaced the tomatoes with cuts of halibut in the nicely flavored cast iron pan. Adding fresh tarragon is genius... 

Whoa. This dish will be made again and again. It's that good. The fresh tarragon-flavored warm tomatoes melted as they were supposed to do.

For dessert, we craved these simple ingredients: blueberries, ginger, honey, mandarin zest... lucky for us, the prized dessert was in store!

When combined with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, there is no way to describe the flavor except that it seemed like an elixir, the best sweet and healthy finish to a savory meal. You need this recipe. It's called "Melted Blueberries with Ginger and Mandarin Orange," when you get your hands on this cookbook.

We love this cookbook! It's beautiful (Jenny took all of the photographs herself) and filled with so much wisdom and common sense, not to mention the path to making healthy, nourishing food.

Now it's time to go on over to the Nourished Kitchen where you'll find countless inspiring posts and useful information. You'll also learn why Jenny chooses to cook in enameled cast iron cookware.

And, this is BIG: a chance to win $250 of gorgeous enameled cast iron cookware from Mightynest. Good luck!

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