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MightyNest Trusted: Safe, Healthy, Non-Toxic Products

10.26.11 MightyNest Trusted: Safe, Healthy, Non-Toxic Products

Last week we officially launched the "MightyNest Trusted" seal. Our seal is the highest compliment we can pay to any product. It is an exclusive list of what we believe to be the best and safest products from the most trusted manufacturers.  To earn our seal products must pass our rigorous 4 step process. Detailed in 4 posts over the next few weeks, we'll take you inside our product selection process.  We know you count on us to find the best products for your family. With that role, it is important for us to be transparent with our lengthy process as we help in keeping your family safe.

Step One: Every product must be free of all known harmful chemicals and materials.

The list of chemicals we avoid is long but a few key ones include BPA, PVC, lead, parabens, phthalates, melamine, oxybenzone, formaldehyde, flame retardants, particle board, aluminum, PFOAs, bleach, ammonia, synthetic fragrances and more.

How does a product pass step one?

  1. First, we look for products where the main ingredients are materials that are inherently safe, stable and non-leaching such as: glass, high quality stainless steel, bamboo, ceramic, cast iron, medical grade silicone, organic cotton, natural rubber, etc. 
  2. We specifically avoid plastic as much as possible. If a product has a plastic component (like a lid or a handle) we always ensure that it is a safer plastic (#2, 4 or 5). See our Guide to Plastics for more information.
  3. We extensively interview the manufacturer - we ask about each material/ingredient and dig into each one, including finishes and adhesives.  We ask questions until there are no more questions to ask to ensure the product does not contain harmful chemicals or materials.  
  4. Where appropriate tests exist (CPSIA, certified organic, etc.) we ask for those test certificates.

Receiving answers to all of our questions has taken us anywhere from an hour to several months. Regardless of that timing, no product will be added to our site until we are 100% confident in the safety of that product. We've grown to be patient waiting for the information we need; confirmation that the product we're inquiring about is indeed free of all toxic materials. Anything short of that will not make the cut.

Here's an example of our process in action:

We recently came across (and fell in love with) a set of wooden building blocks. Great design, great company and a fun toy for all ages. Upon interviewing the manufacturer though, we learned that the glue used during manufacturing contains formaldehyde. It was less than .01%, which seems like such a small amount but given that formaldehyde is considered a known carcinogen, we feel that any amount is too much. We know you count on us to offer only the safest products and we are committed to doing so.  Therefore, you will not see these blocks sold on MightyNest.com.

Often, we can tell fairly quickly when a product won't make the cut.  However, there have been a few times where the very last question answered results in disappointment that we won't be able to carry the product, such as the building blocks.

Products that DO pass this first step towards gaining the MightyNest Trusted seal, then proceed to step two: Is the product made by someone we trust?

Look for this post soon!

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