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Natural Toys for Your Little Explorer

04.10.12 Natural Toys for Your Little Explorer


With summer rapidly approaching, we are reminded of the wonderful and imaginative Plan Toys selection we have at MightyNest. These natural wooden tools are terrific for kids who enjoy examining the world around us. All of the tools are made with natural materials including wood, fabric, non-toxic water-based dyes and E-Zero glue, in place of traditional toxic wood glue. They make for great toys to throw in a beach or park bag, perfect for the opportunity to "fix" something or look at a bug magnified. The leaf magnifier is ideal for a day out exploring nature. The lens is clear and really works well, unlike many other kid magnifiers which tend to be cloudy and just for play. Using tools is the beginning of learning to think creatively, solving problems and ultimately recognizing a sense of achievement.

This "first" tool belt will certainly empower your eager helper. The adjustable belt fits up to a 25" waist so it can be used for many years and works for older kids who want to join in on the fun as well. Learning to use a level is really exciting for kids and of course, introduces the idea of balance and line into the learning experience. Ask your kid to find out what's unlevel in your house! The working measuring tape provides hours of fun and valuable math skills. Make a chart with a list of objects to measure and watch your kid delight in the task of finding and recording the results. The hammer, wrench and screwdriver are just plain necessary for that basic need to pound and work the fine motor skills. The natural, replenshible rubberwood and sturdy fabric are thankfully easy to clean, you can even throw the fabric tote in the washing machine.

Try the caterpillar telescope and watch your kid's imagination grow as they learn how to judge the basic shapes and textures around them. At less than 5" in length, there's always a place in your outing bag. Plan a treasure hunt to look for specific colors or birds or anything of interest. Kids love to find objects that are "magically" placed in trees or bushes....

One of my favorite toys here at MightyNest is the Plan Toys snail measuring tape. Once my daughter watched me use a measuring tape, she was transfixed. Of course, I was terribly worried that she would cut her hand as the tape was sucked back into its case, so I never let her use it without me helping her. With the snail measuring tape, there are no worries and your kid can still accurately measure and have the satisfaction of reeling the tape back into its holder, ON THEIR OWN!

We've all taken turns trying out these fun toys. Which one would your kid gravitate towards?

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