MC Milker

MC Milker

I’m MC Milker, a mom and a green and social media marketing consultant. I spent 15+ years in the corporate world, marketing toys, food, school supplies and a host of other products to children and their parents. Only after years of marketing to children, did I complete degree work in child development; qualify as a teacher; work in the classroom; take a variety of parenting workshops and go green. Hmmm…change of opinion…sort of….

I’ll be writing this blog with contributions from my sister Elle, who is on her own green journey.

# of kids/ages:   7-year-old son

Career:  I’m a Social Media Marketer at The Mcmilker Group. I started out as a traditional marketer, got interested in social media and have successfully combined the two. There’s something to be said for getting distracted.

Craving: Time

Personal Style: I’d love to say Casually elegant…but that’s not necessarily true!

Healthy and Green must-have: Fresh Food

Guilty pleasure: Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich – I don’t WANT to know what’s in it.

Last meal you cooked: Cilantro Pesto Pasta – Easy, Quick, Cheap

Manifesto: Balance in everything you do

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