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Eco-challenge #13 Results: Bye-bye baggies

02.08.10 Eco-challenge #13 Results: Bye-bye baggies

Wasn't sure how this week was going to go with the chaos of traveling, but it all turned out ok in the end. As a reminder...

Eco-challenge #13: No plastic sandwich bags for one week.

Those of you following along know anytime fabric is involved, my chances of making a change for the better are pretty good. :) What can I say? I'm a girl.

For the most part, making the choice to use SnackTAXI and Eco ditty fabric baggies instead of plastic was easy, but there were a couple of times when I had to figure out a different solution. 

  • Flying. I always put all of my ooozy things like shampoo and lotions in their own separate plastic bags to avoid a huge mess in my toiletry case. Unfortunately, sometimes that means using 10 or more plastic bags per trip. I couldn't use the fabric baggies for my toiletries because of security guidelines (must be a clear bag) so I invested in some new plastic travel containers (oh no - more plastic! ugh) and stored them in a little waterproof reusable clear plastic case thingy that came with my suitcase. Worked like a charm.
  • Cat food. In addition to my super cool dog Sydney (seeee - i'm being more positive) I have a cat, Simba, who is almost 17 and in pretty rough shape. I give her 4 medications a day ground up in her gross, stinky, disgusting (but apparently yummy) wet cat food. She can only eat a little at a time, leaving the rest of the can in the fridge in a plastic bag. Lately, I've been going through about 5+ sandwich bags a week trying to keep the smell from the rest of the fridge.  Obviously, I'm not letting my cute fabric snack bags within a 10 foot radius of the cat food. Instead, I took the advice of a few readers and rinsed my plastic baggies out so I could use them over and over again. DUH! Why didn't I think of that? Now I'm all about seeing how long I can keep the current one in play. :)

But my biggest tip this week is .... these fabric baggies are perfect for keeping stuff like your cell phone, digital camera or make-up and accessories safe and handy in your purse. My bag has never been so organized!


Is this a change I can realistically incorporate into my daily life?

  • 5 stars: SOLD! I'm in! Where do I sign?
  • 4 stars: Love it. I think I can pull this one off
  • 3 stars: Not quite sure, but can't wait to try
  • 2 stars: Sorry guys, probably not gonna happen.
  • 1 star: Gonna take a pass on this one.

Not sure I can totally cut plastic sandwich bags out of my life BUT I do know I can easily reduce the number I use. Better get used to it now because I can only imagine that by the time Jack and Sam are in school, trashless lunches will be mandatory here in CT. By then I'm sure there will be fabric bags with superheros or Cars or something. Can't wait...


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