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Eco-challenge #3: I heart Kinderville!

10.23.09 Eco-challenge #3: I heart Kinderville!

Bendy Kinderville Bowls

After three weeks of the boys being sick, I've just about had it. I was seriously about to lose it while thinking of this eco-challenge yesterday because - well - when you have constant whining and snot flying everywhere for days on end, it's way easier to default to what you know than to push yourself to make any improvements.

But it all changed when I talked to MightyNest co-founders Chris and Kristen, who gave me the best news I've heard all week. Those Kinderville bowls I bought because they were bright, bendy and unbreakable? (see photo - i just think its so cool that you can squeeze them!) Well, in addition to being BPA, phthalate, and lead, free it turns out they're made out of silicone so I can use them in the microwave or dishwasher! HELLO???? INFORMATION I COULD HAVE USED YESTERDAY! Who needs plastic when you have these??


So - I guess you could say my week is looking up. Now all I need is a cure for the sniffling and whining. (Chris & Kristen - got anything for me?)

Back on Sunday with results!

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