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Eco-challenge #8 Results: Picasso and the pilot

12.07.09 Eco-challenge #8 Results: Picasso and the pilot

What a fun week! Just to recap...

The MightyNest Eco-challenge #8 was all about inspiring creativity in my two little ones using toys from the Imaginary Play and Art and Music sections on MightyNest. I chose Eco-fingerpaint, Clementine Natural Soy Crayons and the cardboard airplane form Cardboardesigns.

As I talked about in Friday's post - the cardboard airplane went over huge - and so did the box it came in. The boys are still having a blast with both.

So how was the fingerpainting??? I was pretty nervous about the mess but we ended up having alot of fun. Well...Sam had fun. Jack was in the middle of a massive totally irrational terrible twos tantrum so there was no way I was handing over fingerpaint.  But Sam (14 mo) was ready and willing so I went for it.

One thing I didn’t expect was that the Eco-fingerpaint is a powder that you mix with water.  I had a little trouble finding that sweet spot between runny and thick but after a few tries I figured it out. The colors were unexpected too. I was thinking your typical red, blue, yellow, green but these were funky - deep orange, bright purple, earthy green. Very different.

Of course, the paint went straight from his hand into his mouth.  Shocker. My husband started to freak until I assured him that all of the ingredients are safe: flour, cornstarch and extracts from beets, turmeric, paprika, blueberries, red cabbage, carrots, spinach and limes. Even so, I don’t think it tastes very good because he made a face and didn’t do it again.

Like every other kid on earth, he loved smearing his hands in the paint and onto the paper, and his face and hair and the old sheet protecting his high chair. It was a pretty quick adventure (mom and dad pulled the plug to avoid a catastrophe) but I think very successful given he's still a little little for fingerpainting probably.  

While we were tending to Sam and his mess, Jack finally calmed down and started coloring a picture with what he now calls his “funny crayons." I'm guessing its because the Clementine Natural Soy Crrayons are an odd shape but you never know with him. I did notice they seemed much easier for him to grasp than his other skinny crayons. Hey - whatever works. 

So, here are a few things I learned this week:

  • Little boys really love airplanes
  • 1 cardboard box + 1 marker = hours and hours of fun!
  • Teething toddlers will put ANYTHING in their mouths - even paint – so if you want to venture into the world fingerpainting, make sure what you’re giving them is 100% safe.

THE RESULTS...Is this a change I can realistically incorporate into my daily life?

5 stars: SOLD! Where do I sign?
4 stars: Love it. I think I can pull this one off
3 stars: Not quite sure, but can’t wait to try
2 stars: Sorry guys, probably not gonna happen.
1 star: Gonna take a pass on this one.

Back tomorrow with the next challenge...

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