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Operation Baby Steps: My New Year's Resolutions

01.11.10 Operation Baby Steps: My New Year's Resolutions

Dina, Jack and Sam

I always tell myself I'm going to make New Year's Resolutions and I never do. So, the fact that I finally did means 2010 is getting off to a good start, right? I think so.

Before I list them, just be warned that my resolutions aren't all directly related to being more eco-friendly and non-toxic BUT they certainly are related to living a healthier life and that's what MightyNest is all about. I guess you can read and judge for yourself...

Dina's 2010 New Year's Resolutions

!  As I'm writing this I'm thinking about all the things I need to do before I go to bed, how many people I never answered on email while I was traveling last week and how on earth I'm going to finish an op-ed in 3 hours in the morning when it usually takes me 3 months. It's no wonder blogging sometimes takes forever because I just don't slow down to actually think about what I'm trying to say. 

This spills over to everything from housework to the kids. I'm just about the worst housekeeper in the world. My husband calls me "Drop-N-Run" because the minute I get in the house, my shoes, coat and everything I'm carrying are thrown to the floor or a nearby chair by the door and left for dead. Usually because I've moved on to the next thing. 

And when it comes to the kids...although my husband and I are completely madly in love with them, are astonished by just about everything they do or say and I would give up anything (truly anything) to spend more time with them...for some inexplicable reason we can't put the freakin' iphones down and just focus on them! It boggles my mind. I guess it's because we're constantly thinking about what we have to do and not what we're doing? I don't know. I just think it's sad, pathetic, potentially dangerous and has to stop.

The bigger problem is that despite my desire to change, I have no idea how to fix this! Ugh. I guess it starts with biting off a little less this year and understanding that that's ok. Saying no is a good thing.  Then it's all about recognizing when I'm all over the place and forcing myself to focus on one thing at a time.

If I can master slowing down than things like throwing plastic dishes in the microwave/dishwasher, forgetting reusable bags or buying disposable water bottles because I left my Klean Kanteen at home will hopefully become a lot easier. Hopefully. I guess we'll see - right?  

2. Be positive
Recently, someone I've known for a brief time told me they were surprised by my unabashed negativity. It rocked me. Not because she wasn't correct - I have been pretty honest negative around her - but because I truly believe that down deep I'm a glass is half full type of person. After mulling this over for about - oh i don't know - A THOUSAND HOURS - I'm going to chalk it up to being totally fried by work, mommyhood and lack of sleep. Hopefully my resolution #1 will help me savor life a little more and bring out the sunshine. (please note, do not confuse negativity with sarcasm - the sarcasm stays)

3. Be nicer to my bad dog. This may seem easy to you, but this is the most difficult challenge in my life. When you arrive home every single day (no seriously - every day) with a toddler on each hip to find your brand new boots, your invaluable work notebook and a full bushel (do they call them bushels?) of bananas destroyed almost beyond recognition on the living room floor  - it's very hard to channel the zen. Actually, it's impossible. Before you go there...giving her away to a nice family with a mom she doesn't hate (she only hates me btw - it's messed up) is out of the question. In fact, if I bring that up again, I'm fairly certain I'll be a single mom by sundown....so I am resolving to make the best of it, even if it kills me.

So there you have it. Some pretty big stuff. But if I can just break it down and remember the name of this blog - Baby Steps - I think I can make it happen.

Anyone have the same challenges? Would love some partners in crime. Let's do this together!


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