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The Eco-challenged Mom's Wish List for Beginners

01.31.10 The Eco-challenged Mom's Wish List for Beginners

Lifefactory glass bottles

Just read Tracy's post about MightyNest's new Wish List. YAY! All over this. No wedding or baby on the horizon but made a "just because" list in hopes my husband will stumble upon it (when I print it out and leave it in his work bag) and get me some goodies. Valentine's Day is coming up, right?

To help you all with YOUR Wish Lists (come on - you know you want to - everybody's doing it), thought I'd share my list of the top products on MightyNest that have helped me get started in my quest to build a healthier home for my family. 




  1. Kinderville Little Bites Silicone Bowls - As a newbie, I was a bit thrown off when I heard I wasn't supposed to heat my plastic kids dishes. How on earth was that going to work?! But then I heard about these Kinderville bowls.  In addition to being BPA, phthalate, and lead, free it turns out they're made out of silicone so I can use them in the microwave or dishwasher...and they're really fun, bright, and bendy too. Can't go wrong. (here's my review
  2. Mod Green Pod and MightyNest Reusable bags: Grocery store resuables are great but I'm not going to stuff one in my bag when heading to the city like I do with these two every week. Nothing like a cute bag to help you reduce your use of plastic.
  3. LifeFactory glass bottles - As I've mentioned before, I wasn't one of the moms who immediately threw out my plastic bottle collection when the BPA stuff hit. Although...had I known about these bottles at the time, I probably would have! These bottles are 100% safe, solid, indestructible, trendy and fun. Just wish I would have made the switch sooner!
  4. Klean Kanteen Water Bottle - I'm not going to lie. Despite my early optimism, I haven't completely given up disposable water bottles. BUT I have found it alot easier to remember to bring my water bottle along since buying the Klean Kanteen. I really like the look/feel and the water stays nice and cold. The boys also love them. Jack calls them his "big boy bottles." Pretty accurate actually.
  5. Life Factory BPA Free Multi-Sensory Silicone Teether - After reading some pretty awful stuff about some of the teethers in my house, I wanted something simple and safe. No fancy gel or vibration - just soft, chewy and easy to get to those back teeth. These teethers are exactly what I needed. And the price was right too. Who could ask for anything more.

So these are my faves...what are yours?? What products have made making changes just a little bit easier?

Start a MightyNest Wish List here. And don't forget - Tracy and the MightyNest team would love to get feedback on your experience. Good, bad, ugly...whatever. They're good listeners.

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