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Holiday Eating - Out

10.30.09 Holiday Eating - Out

Now that holiday season is approaching, my thoughts turn to food. Ok – I also think of presents, cards and all the thousands of decorations we’ve gathered. Food, however, is on the top of the list.

I had a conversation today with another mom about feeding babies during the holidays – a challenge even in normal times.  It's not that it’s that hard to find them food. We moms often bring our own, but feeding a baby and actually having time to eat oneself is almost always a challenge.

We are a little one past the “babe in arms’ stage, I’ve always liked the idea of a washable placemat. It’s easy to carry one in the diaper bag – or even two or three. Then they are always handy when it’s time to eat. In restaurants it’s often a lifesaver, since it can be placed over a high chair tray and the food simply laid on top. This gives the child some free independence and mom or dad, well…his or her independence too!

These cute ones are washable, wipable and eco coated. In other words – the coating is not PVC, a substance that I’m often concerned with babies digesting, even in small amounts.  

These placemats touch my eco soul even more because of the design, which can last through early childhood at least. I just hate to throw things out!

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