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Soap Boxer Racers for the Pre-School Set

10.18.09 Soap Boxer Racers for the Pre-School Set

I can’t say enough about the lasting quality of wooden toys.  At least once a year my kids and I clean out their toy box and throw away all of the tiny pieces that have long since lost their way back to the “ Mother Ship. “

As we root through this giant mess, the few wooden toys my children own are always in good shape and my kids are always sentimental about them. They have long since outgrown them but are in no mood to share them with another child.  Back in the box they go - perhaps for grandkids one day.

Studies show that kids who are allowed to express themselves without rules and participate in open-ended projects, develop free expression and problem solving skills as well as valuable mental and social development

They can make a tugboat, tractor or truck, or a little of all three and decorate it with colorful non-toxic paint, crayons or stickers. Or perhaps they’ll leave it plain.

This is why I am so into giving wooden toys to a young child. Made By Me is one I like.  What’s unique about this set is that kids have the ability to invent several different types of vehicles, insuring hours of safe and creative play for the pint-sized soap box racer to be.

Either way, there are no rules attached to this “mighty” toy and sometimes that’s just O.K.

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