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Welcome to the Balancing Act

09.28.09 Welcome to the Balancing Act

Hi we’re Elle and Maryanne writing as mcmilker. We’re sisters on opposite coasts, with 3 kids between us, on a green journey together!

We’re happy to be writing here at MightyNest. As moms on the path to being green, we struggle with trying to lead normal lives while teaching our kids the importance of saving the environment. Sometimes they are teaching us too!

We’ve over come many of our eco challenges but know there are many more ways we could go green…it’s just a matter of time, money and information. More of any of those things would be welcomed! (Except the information part, we’re already overwhelmed.)

As going green gets popular, it’s difficult to pick through the hype and find those products and practices that are truly green and healthy. With our natural suspicion of hype and our backgrounds in marketing, we read labels and compare information, then share it with each other.

We can be found in store aisles talking to each other on the phone as we compare package labels. We send product reviews back and forth. We discuss the benefits of natural skin care and denigrate poorly made toys. We’ve been known to sign a petition or two.

Mostly we try to raise healthy, ecologically aware kids. That’s been our motivation to go green and somewhere along the way we realized we were getting healthier too!

We’ll share our struggles on our path to a greener future with you on this blog. You might recognize some of your own challenges too!

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