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20-week Ultrasound, the results are in

04.15.10 20-week Ultrasound, the results are in

Last week my husband and I went in for our 20-week ultrasound (really 22 weeks since we were late in scheduling the appointment).  The results are in and it’s a…

SURPRISE!  Sorry, I know that was mean but I couldn’t help myself!  My husband and I have decided to keep the gender a secret from everyone, including ourselves.  In fact, when we went in for our ultrasound the baby was nice enough to comply with our request – he/she stayed all scrunched up the whole time (albeit floating facedown which looked odd but we were told is totally normal). Even the ultrasound technician couldn’t get a sneak peek and therefore no one, including our doctor, has any idea if we’re having a boy or a girl. Now I can stop stressing that someone will accidentally let it slip!

That being said, just because no one officially knows the gender hasn’t stopped people from being confident that they know the answer.  In fact, my husband’s aunt, my sister-in-law and our family friends in Brazil are all convinced it’s a boy.  But wait, two of my friends from high school and my college roommate and her grandma (based on the grandma’s polish friend who has a no-fail formula for determining the gender, of course) are convinced it’s a girl!

The good news is they all have a 50/50 chance of being right!

Boy or girl the doctor said the baby looks perfectly healthy which is the best news possible and the only thing we needed to hear.  Now time to start stressing about the nursery and registering…

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