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Big Plan Toys Holiday Delivery And A New Milestone

11.15.09 Big Plan Toys Holiday Delivery And A New Milestone

Plan Toys Semi-Truck Delivery

Wow, things are getting exciting (and a little crazy) here at MightyNest World Headquarters! We’re busy getting ready for the holidays – working to add the option for gift wrapping, ordering lots of new inventory and coming up with some pretty cool marketing ideas (you’ll hear more about that next week).

Speaking of inventory, MightyNest reached a new milestone last week – our very first semi-truck delivery! Imagine my surprise when this guy showed up at the door to tell me I had a delivery, only he didn't have any boxes with him. After a moment of confusion passed between us he pointed behind him (outside) where I saw it - a big, bright orange semi-truck! Seven trips later I found myself surrounded by seven piles of boxes (almost as tall as me) - it turns out we ordered so many cool toys from Plan Toys for the holidays that it was too much to send by UPS, USPS and even FedEx! Not quite as cool as Santa’s sleigh but I’ll take it! Now I just have to figure out how to unload it all and get these products up on the site for everyone to see!

Come back and check them out early this week!

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