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Candid feedback from a reader ... and our response

09.23.09 Candid feedback from a reader ... and our response

We recently received a letter from a reader. We really appreciate that she took the time to write to us even though she challenged us on a couple of fronts. I am sure the sentiment she voiced was not isolated. With that in mind I decided to paraphrase her points below and share my response. Please share any additional thoughts in the comments below and please know that we read every comment and e-mail we get from our readers and customers and take all the feedback seriously.

Questions/concerns raised in the letter:
- our reader was concerned about the cost of the items on our site.
- She also wanted to know if we personally supported the businesses whose products we sell by purchasing them for our home and family.
- finally she raised a point we hear often. Are the concerns we have about exposure to chemicals in everyday products valid given her assumption that we are healthy adults and the products we sell were not sold when we were kids.

Here is what I wrote her in response:

Thank you for your feedback. MightyNest was born out of personal experience. Over the course of having our two young kids we learned more and more about these issues and our purchases evolved with that insight. We do support the companies whose products we sell. In fact that is how we found many of them. We understand that some people will choose not to buy the products we offer for any number of personal reasons. Our hope is that we can make it easier on those who are concerned about the growing amount of chemical exposure we all face and the impact that exposure could have on our families (particularly young children) and the environment and who want to find alternatives.

I understand your comment on my health. However that is not an apples to apples comparison. The amount of potentially harmful chemicals in every day products today far exceeds the amount present when I was a child. The effects of exposure for the children of today will likely not be fully evident for years. If you really want to dig in on this topic let me know and I can provide a link or two you might find interesting.

We will work to provide more products at lower price points over time as one of my personal hopes is that we can make these great products accessible to more people. In the meantime what we have chosen to do (as a family) is buy less so we can afford some of the higher price points and focus on getting higher quality items that are safer and last longer. That can be tough with clothes so we do a fair amount of sharing with other families who buy similar products.

I would welcome any additional feedback you might have and hope you are ok that I responded directly rather than sending a form letter thanking you for your comments. I truly value the feedback and learn from everyone who writes us.

Thank you,


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