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Dry Skin: 7 Safe Winter Must-Haves

01.11.11 Dry Skin: 7 Safe Winter Must-Haves

7 safe winter must-haves for dry skin

According to dermatologist, Barney Kenet, from Weill Cornell Medical Center,“There are probably close to 100 million dried out, itchy people in this country right now”. YIKES! I guess this doesn’t totally surprise me in that cold weather isn’t the only culprit for dry skin. Using harsh soaps, wearing itchy clothing and taking long, hot showers and baths can simply cause dry skin. But the long hot bath is one of the best parts of winter! It seems only natural and conducive to a healthy regimen by taking time to relax in the bath.

Luckily, there are some other fun remedies that can certainly combat dry winter skin. Start with adding more orange foods to your diet: canteloupe, carrots, apricots and clementines are few yummy choices to increase antioxidants in your body. Try to avoid excess hot water, rough washcloths, strong laundry detergents and fried foods. Drink teas of chamomile, dandelion and peppermint for soothing and skin softening properties. And to supplement, I've made a list of my favorite products, all natural and chemical-free, to use for relief of dry skin. First and foremost, LuSa’s sugar scrub. Not only does it slough off dead cells, it coats skin with a luxurious lavender oil. LuSa's lemongrass soap is a must especially because it is made from all natural materials and even though it is extremely mild on skin, the scent is wonderful. I would be lost without Badger's cocoa lip balm and face stick making sure to keep my uncovered skin protected. After bathing or before bed, my favorite go-to products are OG Mama's moisture oil and Trillium's shea butter because they smell amazing, and instantly cure the winter blues. Last but not least, I haven't been sick once this season and I wonder if it helps that I religiously use my Clean-Well hand sanitizer. My daughter and husband have also been sick-free this winter and have had the luxury of my winter nesting routines.

What are your winter skin routines?

For more info on skin care: http://mightynest.com/learn/getting-started/easiest-changes/choose-safer-body-care-products

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