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Eat-In Challenge: Here we go...

02.23.10 Eat-In Challenge: Here we go...

cooking dinner

This week the whole MightyNest crew is participating in The Week of Eating In, sponsored by the Huffington Post.  To read more about it check out this post from Dina, our eco-challenged mama.  

I Started out feeling pretty confident about this challenge. After all, we don't do a whole lot of eating out with a 4 year old and a toddler, not always a very relaxing dining experience! Last night we had a super yummy roast chicken with root vegetables and some brown rice. Here is a really easy recipe for doing a whole chicken.  Merrick was being a little fussy, so he ended up on my back in the ergo, while i cooked.

But today we hit a snag... I was at kindergarten registration and it took a little longer than anticipated (4 hours!) needless to say, I got quite hungry and Chris came to my rescue by bringing me something from Panera.  Aaah, the guilt - but it won't happen again!  I will make sure to pack food in my purse the rest of the week.  

Tonight i will attempt to redeem myself by making chicken noodle soup. I made stock with the the leftover bones last night, bread (not homemade, hope that still counts!) and salad. 

Anyone else partaking in this?  Any good recipes to share?

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