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They're Here... Glass Dishes for Big Kids & Grown-Ups!

06.25.10 They're Here... Glass Dishes for Big Kids & Grown-Ups!

You asked for it... We got it! Tempered glass dishes by Duralex for the bigger kids and grown-ups. So many people love the durability, practicality and look of the Kidishes tempered glass products made by Duralex, that we've had many requests for larger sizes. They are in! We have 12 and 16 oz. Picardie tumblers, large bowls (perfect for adult cereal and soup portions), coffee mugs and glass plates.

Duralex dishware is made in France from tempered glass which is 2.5 times stronger than standard glass. They are impact resistant, suitable for cold and hot, microwave and dishwasher-safe. Check them out here!

With all of these great tempered glass products you might be feeling confused about what the right options are for you.  Here's a breakdown...

TUMBLERS: 2 styles to choose from: Gigogne and Picardie - really just an aesthetic choice, but the Gigogne is only available in 2 sizes.

Picardie 4.5oz: Great starter glasses for 1.5 - 3yr olds

Picardie 5.75 oz & Gigogne 5.75 oz: Great for 3 years +

Picardie 7.75 oz & Gigogne 7.75 oz: Great for 5 +

Picardie 12 oz. and 16 oz: Great for older kids & adults


Stackable Baby Bowls - 4.75" diameter. Great for baby food and small snacks for kids

Medium Stackable Bowls & Regular Bowls - 5.5" diameter.  Great for kids of all ages.  (actually they are both stackable, another aesthetic choice here - and the "stackable" ones stack a little tighter/shorter)

Large Stackable Bowls - 6.75" diameter. Great for adult and hungry teenager portions.


Small Glass Plates: 7.4" diameter: Great for kid plates, or salad/appetizer plates

Large Glass Plates: 9.25" diameter: Great for older kids and adults.


Whew! That's a lot of glass!


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