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Welcome: Our Story and Focus

08.13.09 Welcome: Our Story and Focus

Dear Friends -

Kristen and I have been working for some time to create a new Web site to help parents with young children easily find healthy, safe and sustainable goods for the home.  I’m thrilled to announce the time has finally come to introduce you to… MightyNest.com!

It all started when Kristen and I had Ayla. The reality that our decisions impacted another human being forced us to take a closer look at the products we were using in our home. We were startled to find that the majority of the products we used every day had potentially harmful and unnecessary risks associated with them.  Upon learning this, Kristen was determined to find out all she could about toys, mattresses, cleaning supplies, diapers…you name it.  Unfortunately, the process of scouring the Web and separating fact from fiction was frustrating, discouraging and nearly impossible between diaper changes and midnight feedings.  

Together, we agreed there had to be a better way; a way to help parents who don’t have the time to dedicate to researching but who care just as deeply for their family; a place where parents can go to research and buy healthy products all in one place. So we rounded up a few of our old friends, made a few new ones and 18 months and another kid later … MightyNest was born!

MightyNest is a unique Web site that provides parents the ability to research, get advice and buy safe, healthy and eco-friendly products all in one place. Our dream is for MightyNest to become a place where people feel motivated and empowered, not discouraged and judged; somewhere people feel encouraged to make changes in their lives, whether large or small. We truly believe that simple changes bring mighty impact.

Although our official launch date isn’t until late September, we wanted to open our virtual doors a few weeks early to start gathering feedback.  Please take a look around and provide feedback on things you like or how we can improve.


Best, Chris Conn, Co-Founder

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