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Avoid Plastic (PVC, Phthalates, BPA) in Baby and Toddler Eating Utensils

11.10.09 Avoid Plastic (PVC, Phthalates, BPA) in Baby and Toddler Eating Utensils

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You know you have them sitting around your house.  Lining the kitchen drawers.  Those small, plastic tipped baby and child utensils given to you by your well meaning (fill in the blank).  I know I do.  They come with generous baby gifts, or from well meaning grandparents. 

But they may contain harmful chemicals.  It is completely counter intuitive. A spoon created to feed our smallest, most vulnerable citizens, made in China with cheap, additive laden plastics.   Phthalates, PVC, and BPA have been linked to serious health concerns. It's simply not worth the risk.

So it is important to get your hands on some plastic free eating utensils for your babes.  Here at MightyNest, they've got some great choices.  You can get the Kids Bamdino set, adorable dinosaur headed and made with certified organic bamboo, a Bamboo Spork and Bamboo Baby Utensils (2 sets that include:  2 bamboo forks and 2 bamboo spoons perfect for home and on the go).  Yes, I noticed they are made in China--but MightyNest does their homework and only works with sustainable and safe businesses. 

You can ditch the plastic and take these anywhere you need them.  Throw a set in your car so you won't need plastic utensils for travel eating, and have a set or two at home.  You'll save plastic from the landfill and chemicals from entering your little cutie's body. Two birds.  One stone.  Yes!


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