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Badger Balm: A Love Story

02.23.10 Badger Balm: A Love Story

badger balm

Upon another day of my children being sick, me being sick, and the refrigerator being broken, I headed to the co-op on a mission. Forget that it was dinner time, we should all be home, eating and resting. I was there to stock up on things to help us all be well. One can only be sick and passive for so long!

I stocked up on soup, tea tree and lavender essential oil for the humidifier, Echinacea (for the kids and for me), tea, and some Badger balm. You must know that my youngest daughter was suffering from awful dry, crusty and cracked skin on her face, around her eyes. I've written about her here before, she has really sensitive skin. She was in such pain-- all around and under her eyes was red and raw. This was from her being sick, days and days of running eyes and nose. I tried sooooo many products. Nice toxin free lotions. Mainstream brands (I was desperate). Other lotions the doctor recommended. Nothing worked. So I was skeptical of the Badger Balm actually working.

I'd heard of Badger Balm. Totally safe, toxin free, and organic. Wonderful! But does it work? Will it sting? There is nothing in this balm that will sting her little eyes. I know this because I rubbed it all around her eyes, and she was just fine. And the best part about it? The redness and pain was gone in two days. In fact, it was hugely better in just one night. I could literally kiss the makers of Badger Balm!

I'm still applying it to her face every night, and it can flare up easily. But I am so happy to have found this product! I use the Badger Balm Chest Rub for coughs and colds now, too, and it completely relaxes my girls. The balm I used on my youngest was regular Badger Balm-- I'm sure the Baby Balm is just as effective.

And you can find both of those, any other great Badger balms, right here at MightyNest.

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