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Green Travel: Resuable Straws!

07.22.10 Green Travel: Resuable Straws!

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I've been on the road lately.  With kids.  Driving hours and hours at a time.  I'm usually good on the way there-- lots of good food packed in reusable containers, our own utensils, cloth napkins.  I've made some good steps towards greening our travels, but I still have a LONG way to go.

Take the way home.  What was a nicely organized crate is now chaos.  I'm lucky if everything simply made it back in the car, nonetheless food being packed.  So.  That means stopping and eating.  And where exactly is there to eat across the east coast on most highways?

Let's see.  Denny's, Bob's Big  Boy (just the name should be warning enough), Sbarro pizza, and maybe if you are lucky, Subway or Quinzos.  I'm of course not even mentioning the McDonalds, and the like.

And all of those places, if you are unfortunate enough to have to go, have drinks with straws.  If you are tired, and not quick on the draw to say, "I don't need a straw!" you've got one.  In my case, three.  

So, I need some help.  I really like all the reusable straw choices here at MightyNest.  You can throw these in your travel bag and take them in the resturant.  They might look at you oddly in New Jersey or New York, but hey, you will be on the edge of innovation.  The guilt free green zone.  

Check these out.  There are stainless steel ones, glass ones, and even cases for them.  Kids love straws, and having their VERY OWN straw at home might actually get them to drink more liquid.  I know what you are thinking.  Glass?  But these are made with super strong glass and have a lifetime guarentee.  MightyNest has smaller ones for kids, and longer ones for adults, too.  The steel straws are curved, too, if your kids like that.  There is even a tool to clean them.

Not only will you feel good about not adding more plastic to landfills, you can rest assured that your kids aren't being exposed to more chemicals from plastic.   

Happy trails!  

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