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New Study: No Antibiotics for Most Ear Infections

02.19.10 New Study: No Antibiotics for Most Ear Infections

The sick series continues! Are you sick of it yet? I am sick of sickness in our house, that is for sure. But I came across this article and news clip about a new study saying that NOT treating ear infections with antibiotics is better for most children.

A new study brings up what many of us have wondered for a long time. Are antibiotics really necessary for ear infections? In most cases, all the child has is a virus, and we know that antibiotics don't do a darn thing about those.

Don't get my mom started on antibiotic overuse. She's owned and worked in a pharmacy for over 20 years, and is worried about where the rampant use of antibiotics will lead us. So, I am glad to hear this.

According to the article: "CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said on "The Early Show" there's substantial evidence suggesting that many children with ear infections will get better without antibiotics and with no ill effects. "It requires a lot of patience on the part of both the doctor and the parents to let it run its course. And most ear infections are caused by viruses, which don't get treated with antibiotics," she said. "But most will get better on their own."

It also said that 80 percent of ear infections will get better without antibiotics. But there are times when an antibiotics is necessary, like in the case of double ear infections (what my daughter recently had).

Here are the indications that a child should still get antibiotics if the child:
• Are under age 2
• Appear seriously ill with fever of 102F or higher
• Have fluid dripping from the ears
• Have a double ear infection.

So I have a reason to be weary about antibiotics.  Unfortunately, the bug we've had in our house has demanded them.  But for other more mild ones, I will keep this in mind.  What about you, readers?  Has your little one had an ear infection this winter?

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