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Organic Nursing Pillow (a must for a breastfeeding mama)

05.18.10 Organic Nursing Pillow (a must for a breastfeeding mama)

organic nursing pillow

I cannot tell you how horrified I was when I found out that some Boppy pillows had been recalled for lead in the zipper and for being a choking hazard.  I didn't have the one that was recalled, but I used my Boppy pillow day and night for 4 years, nursing both of my girls.  I also worried about the foam inside-- was it drenched in flame retardant chemicals?  Of course, all of this seems overwhelming in the day time, not to mention at 4 am during the 4th feeding of the night!

Nursing pillows make nursing infinitely more comfortable, especially when the sweet baby is learning to latch.  You can get your baby into the right position easily-- and it causes barely any strain for the mom.  And anything that can make nursing more comfortable supports mothers sticking with breastfeeding for longer, which is healthier for everyone.  

So I am happy to see that MightyNest now carries organic cotton nursing pillows.  No worries with this pillow.  It is handmade in the U.S. with certified organic materials.  It can be spot cleaned and thrown in the dryer to sanitize it and keep it free of dust mites.  There is also an organic cotton cover that is easy to remove and throw in with your regular laundary. 

Thanks to MightyNest for carrying this safer option, and to Blessed Nest for creating it.  This is a wonderful gift for new mothers that you can feel good about!

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