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Sick Series Continued: Natural Chest Rub (no more Vicks!)

02.02.10 Sick Series Continued: Natural Chest Rub (no more Vicks!)

I wish I had this product in my house right now, especially in the last two weeks. The hacking coughs have almost subsided (thank god!). It's been a long road. There is something quite disturbing when your sweet little baby hacks like a two pack a day, asthmatic, 80 year old man. Just down right troubling. When I am in that underwater deep sleep, their coughs pull me to the surface, hack by hack. I keep thinking, in and out of sleep waves, "I should get up and do something. Get water. Pull covers up. Something!"

Hence this natural chest rub. I don't know about you, but I have the smell of Vicks burned into my nose. I think my cilia have a memory of that powerful, spearmint, anesthetic, lung clearing smell. I know now that it is probably all phthalates and petroleum, but the heart burns strong for the items of youth (no matter how damn toxic).  

So, this natural chest rub from LuSa Organics looks lovely. It's made with the following natural and organic Ingredients:

*Olive oil, castor oil, local beeswax;

*essential oils of eucalyptus,

*lavender, tea tree, and camphor;

*and tocopherol (vitamin e). (certified organic ingredient)

If I had something like this on those hacking, sleep deprived nights I would have used it, and hopefully it could have calmed them a bit. At least I would feel like I was doing something, anything to make it better. I love that this is a natural, safer version of what I grew up with. What about you, readers, have you used Natural Chest Rub by LuSa Organics to calm coughs and congested breathing in your babes? Or this there another natural chest rub you swear by for your little people? I'd love to hear what you think.

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