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Snack Taxis Rock! (for no waste lunches and total cuteness)

08.16.10 Snack Taxis Rock! (for no waste lunches and total cuteness)

I  just got my Snack Taxis in the mail from MightyNest and I HAVE to crow about them.  The girls were so excited to open their MightyNest box.  It held all sorts of colorful green goodness.  Two Kleen Kanteen waterbottles (one pink, one purple), 2 snack taxis (one snack size and one sandwich size each), and 2 LunchBot containers.  

The Snack Taxis are adorable and extremely functional. What are they?

Little cloth bags, sealed with velcro, to hold a sandwich, pretzels, crackers, any dryish sort of food item.  They are perfect for lunch boxes and bags for your kids.  The colorful patterns are delightful.  My girls picked their own designs and were so thrilled to see them come in the mail.  

Snack Taxis:

*are machine washable

*are made free of lead, phthalates, PVC and BPA

*keep as many as 1000 plastic bags out of the waste stream

*are made from 100% cotton and lined with nylon

*are made right here in the USA

*The snack-sack neatly fits rice cakes, pretzels or corn chips, and is equally good for carrot or celery sticks! Dimensions: 6" W x 4.5" H

*The sandwich-sack is the perfect fit for a generous sandwich, bagel or wrap, or a hearty snack! Dimensions: 7.5" W x 6"


I ordered one of each size for both of my girls, so I could pack a snack and a sandwich.  You will find a rockin' variety of Snack Taxi's here at MightyNest! There are so many sweet patterns to choose from. I particularly like the whimsical animal prints myself.  

Any hints for packing lunches for a kindergartener?  I've got the goods-- now I actually have to remember to pack lunches!

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