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This Halloween: Avoid Over Sexualized Costumes for Girls

10.12.10 This Halloween: Avoid Over Sexualized Costumes for Girls

It's that time of year again.  Do you have a costume for your child yet?  Halloween is right around the corner.  Want to green your Halloween?  Make an eco-crafty costume and not spend lots of money?  Check out these posts over at Non-Toxic Kids.  

I know I don't have the time or energy to create or to search for a used costume this year.  While I was looking around online with my girls one day and had to skip quickly through the flouncy princesses and over sexualized costumes on all the websites.  Unfortunately, there is very little between cute baby costumes, lacy princesses and degrading tween costumes. 

I read an email today from a group called Hardy Girls, Healthy Women, a non-profit organization committed to changing the culture in which girls are growing.  They suggest one way to fight back against the objectification of girls is to say no to suggestive costumes for girls at Halloween time. Here are some ideas about protecting girls and why we should not buy them suggestive, stereotyping costumes:

  • One easy way to change our culture to protect girls rather than sexually objectify them:  say no to suggestive Halloween costumes
  • Psychologists link the sexualization of young girls to depression, low self esteem and eating disorders.
  • One way to avoid more princesses, fairies, or any of the over sexualized costumes pictured here is to demand that they be animals.  It worked for my girls this year (they are 3 and 5)!  I know this won't last, and I will have to manage it in the years to come.  
How are you planning on greening your Halloween and selecting or creating safe and respectful costumes?



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