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Tips for Eating Safer from the NY Times

09.07.10 Tips for Eating Safer from the NY Times

With all the food recalls in the past year-- parents have even more to think about.  Not only do we worry about the chemicals in plastic, cleaners, and other products we use, we have to worry about food borne illnesses.  Just a week ago I wrote over at Non-Toxic Kids about buying local, safer eggs.  

The New York Times just published a great article about to how to buy and handle food that is safer while keeping an eye on cost. One tip I took from the article was to wash greens extensively, even if it says, "triple washed".  When I am lazy, I don't want to take extra steps, but obviously, it is necessary.  There are some other good tips about how to keep cutting boards germ free.  

We store our leftovers in glass containers, and definitely keep them over 4 days!  Apparently 4 days is the max before spoilage occurs.  Yikes! The article goes on to point about that elderly often need reminders or help about throwing out (or composting!) leftovers.  But what about busy, sleep deprived parents?  How old is everything in your refrigerator RIGHT NOW?  Me, too.  Remember, 4 days.  

What are your tips for keeping your kitchen safe, green and healthy?


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