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To the Moon! Rocket by Cardboard Designs

11.27.09 To the Moon! Rocket by Cardboard Designs

I have two little girls who love thinking and talking about space, and playing rocket on the swings outside. What kid doesn't love pretending to blast off into outer space in their own special rocket ship? What a springboard for creative stories, science learning, and is just plain fun.

More and more we are learning that imaginative play is important to the cognitive and social functioning of children.  Toys that allow for this sort of expression promote imaginative play better than toys that talk, or have only specific ways of using them. 

This Rocket by Cardboard designs seems perfect to facilitate this kind of creative play. It's recycled and recyclable (love that!) and contains NO chemicals (love that too--) and is easy to assemble and packs away flat (my husband would love that).

Kids can decorate this rocket ship any way they like-- sticks, stars, aliens, the sky is the limit (oh, I couldn't resist the pun.) If you live where there are LONG winters like I do, you are always searching for indoor fun. This and the other Cardboard Designs toys offer hours of creative play for your little astronauts.

This post is part of the series featuring toys from Mighty Nest that promote Imaginary Play.  

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