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About MightyNest

We're a family-founded business built on the idea of making our homes free of toxins and excess waste. We set out to find the best solutions possible. Yes, we're product people. But, more than that, we're people-people. And our mission is all about you and helping you make healthy, green living simple and sustainable.

simple choices, mighty impact

We believe a better future starts in each of our homes. Small but purposeful changes add up to make a big impact over time—and we're committed to inspiring and empowering you every step of the way. Discover our story

discover the best products

Your experience starts when you subscribe to the MightyFix. Each month, our MightyFix subscribers receive one new product that helps them live a healthier, greener life. You'll be surprised by how much fun it can be to discover a new change each month and by how fast you'll find meaningful simple and doable changes that work for you. Learn about the MightyFix

shop smarter

MightyFix subscribers can add any of our 1,500+ products to their monthly shipment and it all ships free. Getting all of your healthy, green favorites sent in one monthly shipment is better for the planet (less waste!), and better for you (fewer shipments means savings passed on to you).

save money

Subscribers get access to up to 35% off nearly everything — every day. Plus, shipping is always free for anything they add to their monthly box. We offer our members monthly free shipping and discounted prices on over half of our products to make healthy, green living even easier. Shop our site

consume consciously

We ship our products in minimal, sustainable packaging and we set a high bar for the products we sell and the companies we work with. Read more about how we choose our products