A Deeper Look at Our Ingredient Standards

From the beginning, we set extremely high standards. We  appreciate the complexities of composition and formulation and we work to balance our high bar for ingredients/materials with our desire to help customers make sustainable changes that work for their families, homes and budgets.

That's why we consult with 12+ sources, including government regulatory groups (like the EPA and the ECHA), chemistry databases (such as PubChem and PubMed) and advocacy groups (including EWG and Women’s Voices), to learn everything we can when researching ingredients and materials.


We’ll continue to evaluate materials and formulas for every product we sell. As part of our commitment to being 100% transparent with you, we’ll always share our learnings with you on these pages as well as on every product page.


As we’ve curated our assortment over the years, we’ve come across ingredients that may not be ideal for one of a variety of reasons, but in some cases, are useful and/or necessary:

  • It increases the efficacy of a product in an important way, such as killing germs and bacteria.
  • It’s a preservative used to ensure the product doesn’t expire or turn harmful before it can be fully used.
  • The natural ingredient is extremely expensive, which would make the product’s price too high for all consumers.
  • The extraction and manufacturing process of the ingredient’s natural alternative is far more harmful to the environment.
  • The product itself is a greener, more eco-friendly option than its mainstream counterpart.

There are times we approve an ingredient only for certain types of products or at certain concentration levels.

In each case, we work to balance our high bar for ingredients with the desire to help our customers make changes that work for their homes, families and budgets.


See our Ingredient Yes/No List to learn about our baseline criteria. Or, take an even closer look:


If you have a question that we haven’t answered or want further clarity on how we choose our products, please don’t hesitate to let us know.