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MightyFix partner program

Offer a Great Deal to Readers and
Earn $5 for Every New MightyFix Subscriber

Help your readers make simple, healthy changes and grow with the MightyFix. When you use our promo codes to feature MightyFix products, your readers will get that product as their first month’s MightyFix - for only $3 - and you earn $5 per signup.


Meet the MightyFix

The MightyFix is our popular subscription program for healthy living. It only costs $15/month and each delivery includes an innovative product every healthy home can use.   Read More about the MightyFix Subscription here.

Psst... our program actually works!

We often see a single blog post or instagram post lead to 25-100 signups.  Partners with higher site traffic or an active email list can lead to over 500 signups with a single post!

Why does it work so well?

In a typical affiliate program, you’d need a customer to spend over $50 to earn $5.  With ours, visitors only need to sign up for the first month of the MightyFix. With your promo code, it's only $3, so more readers who click your link actually buy!

Join Our Affiliate Program

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We have 1-3 featured products
to drive MightyFix sign-ups

Each item is something we LOVE - an amazing alternative to single use produce bags, an innovative way to wrap food without plastic wrap, dryer balls that save you money and energy when doing laundry. We'll share with you what makes the product Mighty so you can share that with your readers. We also provide a promo code that readers can use when signing up for the MightyFix to receive this item as their first Fix (at a great price)!

produce bags

Produce Bags $3 with signup promo code: EXAMPLE1


Bee's Wrap $3 with signup promo code: EXAMPLE2

Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls $3 with signup promo code: EXAMPLE3


Create your post

Choose the item (or items) you like best and write a brief post on your site to share that item's "mightyness" with your readers (in your own words).


Earn for each sign-up!

When customers use the promo code, we’ll send them this featured product as their first MightyFix, and you earn $5 per sign-up.

More Details

Apply here and once we have reviewed and approved your site, you will have access to images and links and sample posts available for you to post about the MightyFix. Then when a visitor to your site follows the links to and makes a qualifying purchase, you’ll earn a commission on that sale. We support a 60 day cookie to increase the number of purchases that qualify for you to earn a commission.

We hope you will join our MightyFix Partner Program to share in our growth!