A LunchBox Giveaway!

olive packit Lunchbox

Have you picked out your lunchbox yet? Seems hard to believe that there are lunchboxes on the market that contain really icky toxic materials, but yup, they exist. Vinyl is the real culprit as it contains harmful phthalates. Phthalates work to soften the vinyl but are also linked to some very unsettling downsides: asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes, and various other chronic health problems. Congress has banned phthalates in children's toys but they still remain widespread in children's school products! And children are at risk even at low-level exposures to these toxic chemicals.

So, check your lunchbox materials! If the label says "PVC," or "3," it is made from vinyl. 

At MightyNest, we choose only well-made, durable and safe (free of PVC, BPA, lead and phthalates) lunchboxes. We expect lunchboxes to be safe so the healthy food packed inside doesn't risk contamination. We also expect quality. Who wants to replace all of the various school items more than you need to? And we also expect some flair, some sass, some humor or at least some serious cuteness.

We have a number of different lunchboxes that fit this bill...103 to be exact.

And we have FOUR to give away to 4 lucky winners. Here's what you could win:



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