rethinking the kids' table

The Kids’ Table is a place where kids can enjoy a little freedom and show their independence. But, let’s be honest here, providing a separate table for kids also help give the grownups a little more peace at their own table.

Nowhere is it written that to do this, the kids’ table needs to be laden with plastic and paper. In fact, entrusting kids with real plates, glasses and utensils helps build their self confidence and develop their sense of responsibility.You trust me with glass? And a real knife? Wow.

Glass, silicone, stainless steel, and bamboo are our favorite materials for kid’s tableware. Because they’re all BPA-and phthalate-free, you don’t need to worry about them getting scratched or breaking down and leaching chemicals into your kids' food (like plastic and melamine can).

Colorful plates from Brinware give you a safe alternative to plastic without sacrificing the fun designs kids love. They’re an ideal alternative to melamine holiday plates. Kids will gobble every last bite to see the whimsical nature scenes (silkscreened to the underside with non-toxic ink). A colorful silicone sleeve provides a colorful background and an added a layer of slip resistance as well as protection against breakage.

Clear Duralex dish sets specially sized for kids and toddlers are a great solution for holidays and perfect for everyday use. Like Brinware, Duralex glassware is tempered, which means it’s more than twice as strong as ordinary glass.

If it does get broken, tempered glass breaks into neat little chunks instead of scary shards. Further, Duralex kid and toddler sets are assembled from standard Duralex dishware sizes, so they’ll continue to be useful long after the kids outgrow them.

Real stainless steel utensils, sized perfectly for little hands, and cloth napkins round out the kids’ table. Just add some kid made decorations and activities to keep them in their seats a bit longer and you’ll have a tableful of happy campers!

What are your tips for the kids’ table?